Until The End Of Quarantine.

I am tired now,
more than I was before,
and this doesn't seem to get any better.
Every new day.
Seems a decade away,
while I hate growing old.
So I sit in oblivion and sleep untimely,
I trust every new story a little too blindly.
I crib for no reason, and change like a season
unaware, uncalled, undue.

I simply make an issue out of everything,
I do realize that I am missing something.
But I don't know what it is, so
I wonder.

I wonder,
Will we still be in love once this is over?
Will we still know what friendship feels like?
Will we take risks like we did before?
Will we be less cautious or more?
Will we think twice before we eat?
Will we be vegetarians or still choose meat?
Will we care about what brands we wear?
Will we simply try to just be there?
Will we find peace in everything that we see?
Will we be in chaos, a chaos that is me?

Will we value the streets we walk on?
Will we know what life was like in a lawn?
Will we love the sky a little too much?
Will we understand the importance of touch?
Will we dance our hearts out and remember every beat?
Will we listen to the lyrics, while we let the music deceit?
Will we sleep with strangers and think of it as love?
Will we ignore those who love us, and think we're above?
Will we believe in our principles and know when to not?
Will we just opinions don't follow a dot?

Will we know what we are worth and not trade it for a second?
Will we let go of our egos and catch up on a lost friend?
Will we know what it means to love yourself and not be a narcissist?
Will we know that we often beat around the bush and not get to the gist?
Will we try to write more answers and not dwell on these questions?
Will we take life as an experience and not like a lesson?
Will we quit hating others for they do their own art?
Will we know what do we Indians call the lemon tart?
Will we just accept that women do burp and also fart?
Will we know that knowledge makes you human and not smart?

Will we care less of what gets added in everyone's cart?
Will we realize that we're not always the hero, sometimes we play a part?
Will we think of words, as not mere words but darts?
Will we finally accept that life is not about winning hearts?
Will we let love, be love without being gendered?
Will we know that everyone deserves to be heard?
Will we not think of beginnings as a fuss?
Will we allow goodbyes to hurt us?
Will we travel miles for someone?
Will we expect that from none?

Will we rise with every new sun?
Will we quit finding the one?
Will we ever take a break?
Will we do it for our own sake?
Will we stare at the moon?
Will we reply soon?
Will we smug? Will we hug?
Will we carelessly shrug?
Will we live? Will we die?
Will we continue to try?

Will you stop me before I go on?
Will you remember me when I am gone?

So, to be on the safer side,
I wanted to remind you,
that I am still here, very much here.
And if things don't turn out fine.
Just remember that,

I am yours,
And you're mine,
Until the end of Quarantine.

- r.b


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