Love-less and Love-some

London November 2020

The sad thing about life is, we spend too much time thinking about others, and not enough about ourselves. We fear that we'd be tagged as selfish, too busy, too involved in our own self. Most of what we do is out of love, affection, belonging and the eventual fulfilment of expectations. 

None of this is eternal. Not even one. 

We yet don't think before going lengths for those who consistently treat us as average. We are blinded quite literally by the perception of the love we have built in our minds and that fails to stop us. Love only grows out of a good heart, it only pours out of the heart that has a lack of love. You'd never find someone who's perfectly happy and contented with themselves, going about giving love and kisses and sweet wishes to everyone around them. 

I agree, perfect and happy is a subjective concept and it's probably not even true. But people who are often enough with love, are quite and keep it to themselves. They continue to avail and accept love from all those pouring, not realizing that all they are doing is emptying another soul and depreciating them of the most crucial and essential feelings of all, love. 

This exchange and banters of loveless and lovesome are never going to end unless those who understand the crux of being empathetic and choose to introspect into the childhood and upbringing of those void of love. 

This is serious business, I tell you. 

Mostly, failure to find the common consensus here leads to consequences such as more misunderstanding, the internal disturbance and an unfortunate beginning of distrust. This is the sad start of a greater climax that you might confront years from now. 

What you could do with it now?

I must leave that decision to you. 


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